Photo Friday: What is this?

Tuesday night my Mom and I were sitting on the front porch and the most marvelous thing happened…

It started to RAIN!!!

Even better it was a good soaking rain! My Mom looked over at me and said, “What is this?” It had not rained like that since May. So we sat and we watched and we cried as the rain drops continued to fall. Our phone would not stop ringing and I yelled at my Mom for talking out loud about the rain because I thought talking about it would jinx it and then it would stop. But it didn’t, it kept pouring.

We got a half an inch Tuesday night. While that was certainly not enough to turn around this year’s corn crop, it was still very much welcomed. This year’s drought is starting to make history and I am beginning to think that it was sent to see what my generation is capable of in the agriculture industry. To see how we can handle all of what Mother Nature is capable of and to test our character. At some point we have to learn that there are things that we cannot control and we need to learn “that’s just part of it.”

I continued to sit there admiring the rain even as the wind started to blow it up onto the porch. I did not care to get soaked by the it. I welcomed it. I began praying to God, thanking him for this gift. I could hear the cows in the pasture begin to moo and I believe they were saying “thank moo” to God too.


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