I love Farmers

I am passionate about telling the story of agriculture. Simply put, I love Farmers. They are my favorite people to keep company with. Farmers have to wear all kinds of different hats. They are scientists, environmentalists, mechanics, marketers, technology geeks, veterinarians, teachers, and much more. They are the best stewards of the land.

Today, one U.S. Farmer feeds 155 people. In 1960, a Farmer fed only 26 people. Farmers are producing more food on less land. They work extremely hard to make sure that we have a safe variety of food to put on our tables. To sum it up, if it weren’t for the Farmer there would be no food for all of us to eat. So, as you sit down to eat your food please take a moment and think of the hands that raised or grew it first!


7 thoughts on “I love Farmers

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