Sarah Summed Up

Hello there, I’m Sarah, I live in the fly over state of Indiana. I like to keep things simple and to the point so I’ll just sum it up for you real quick. I grew up on a grain farm in central Indiana. I am passionate about supporting and telling the story of Agriculture. I love driving around in the middle of nowhere listening to music, watching old movies, antiquing, talking to farmers and being an advocate for agriculture. Follow me as I sum up what’s happening in my life as well as the agriculture industry!


2 thoughts on “Sarah Summed Up

  1. Very excited to have found your blog! Kelly at Old Blue Silo sent me over and I am very excited to be here. I am many things, but the first thing I ever was and still am is a farmer’s daughter. Now I have the opportunity to live and work beside my dad once again on the farm with my own little family. Your dad is in his heavenly home, but I have a feeling he is keeping close tabs on you and all of the positive things you do. Best of luck and keep up the wonderful things you are doing!

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