Summing It Up: II


I haven’t had much time for writing. Well that isn’t true, I have been writing everyday. Turns out I got a teaching job as a writing teacher! So, not only am I writing everyday, but I am talking about writing all the time too.

I am a kindergarten, first, and second grade writing teacher at an elementary school in my home county. It is the perfect fit for me. I am enjoying and learning so much as a first year teacher. I knew this time wasn’t going to be easy, but I am constantly seeing the rewards and blessings from all the work. Teaching is quite rewarding. I am glad I didn’t give up my  dream of teaching and having my own classroom.

As a writing teacher I am teaching my young writers all about the writing process and what writers write about. I am so busy trying to get them to write and find ideas to write about that I have put my own writing on the back burner. Then I did a lesson about how writers can write anywhere and about anything. So, I decided I better get back to it. I need to practice what I teach. Here is a part II to a similar post I did “Summing It Up.”

Making: lots of lesson plans for my kindergarten, first, and second grade students
Cooking: nothing. Still working on getting the motivation to do this
Drinking: black coffee
Reading: over my lesson plans and state standards
Wanting: more time in the day
Looking: still looking for that road less traveled
Playing: lots of Red Dirt music
Wasting: thoughts and ideas not written
Sewing: knowledge into my students
Wishing: all my favorite people were in the same place
Enjoying: the changing leaves
Praying: for a safe harvest season
Liking: how things do workout for the better
Wondering: what the next chapter will be
Loving: my new teaching job, my students, staff and the community my school is in
Hoping: the weather stays nice so farmers can stay in the fields
Marveling: at these pictures I took a couple of weeks ago in Kansas
Needing: a good book to read. Suggestions are always welcomed!
Smelling: the beautiful fall days
Wearing: boots. Boot season is finally here!
Following: still trying to follow God’s plan
Noticing: people and times are changing
Knowing: I am blessed beyond measure
Thinking: I need to head west again very soon
Opening: new chapters in my life
Giggling: at all the funny things my students say and/or write to me
Feeling: still just dandy

To sum it up, stay tuned for much more writing! Have a fabulous fall day!



Happy One Year Sarah Sums It Up!

I cannot believe that it has been a year since I published my first post on Sarah Sums It Up! I started this blog because I enjoyed writing a blog during my internship last summer. I decided I should try it on my own.  And so, Sarah Sums It Up was born!  A year later I am so glad that I did. Sarah Sums It Up has given me a creative outlet to share my writing, pictures, thoughts, life events, and my passion for agriculture. I never thought that people would actually read what I write, but you have and I am so grateful to you for letting me be, well me.  Thank you!

So much has happened in my life in just the past year and I love that I was able to find a place to share and save my memories and stories on this blog. I know that I was not always constant with my posts. When I started I tried to write and post twice a week, then I would only post once a week and some weeks I wouldn’t post at all. I have been busy lately but I don’t like excuses so I am not going to give any. What I am going to give is a goal for myself. A goal for another year of blogging on Sarah Sums It Up.

To sum it up, stay tuned for more!