Happy One Year Sarah Sums It Up!

I cannot believe that it has been a year since I published my first post on Sarah Sums It Up! I started this blog because I enjoyed writing a blog during my internship last summer. I decided I should try it on my own.  And so, Sarah Sums It Up was born!  A year later I am so glad that I did. Sarah Sums It Up has given me a creative outlet to share my writing, pictures, thoughts, life events, and my passion for agriculture. I never thought that people would actually read what I write, but you have and I am so grateful to you for letting me be, well me.  Thank you!

So much has happened in my life in just the past year and I love that I was able to find a place to share and save my memories and stories on this blog. I know that I was not always constant with my posts. When I started I tried to write and post twice a week, then I would only post once a week and some weeks I wouldn’t post at all. I have been busy lately but I don’t like excuses so I am not going to give any. What I am going to give is a goal for myself. A goal for another year of blogging on Sarah Sums It Up.

To sum it up, stay tuned for more!



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