Summing It Up:


Making: memories with my best friends while we all still live in the same state
Cooking: nothing and that needs to start changing
Drinking: water, milk, water, wiskey, water, beer, water, tea, and probably some more water
Reading: many many blogs
Wanting: my own general education classroom
Looking: for the road less traveled
Playing: Miranda Lambert’s new song, “Automatic” on repeat
Wasting: time trying to figure everything out all at once
Sewing: scarves and seed sack bags/purses in my spare time
Wishing: anyone who is reading this a fabulous day
Enjoying: time well spent with people that make me happy
Waiting: on a phone call or email about a job I applied for
Liking: that I can’t really sleep in anymore like I use too
Wondering: why I have 7 drafts in my “Post” section, I should probably finish those
Loving: how these words are making me stop, sit back and think about myself
Hoping: I get an interview for the teaching job I just applied for
Marvelling: at how quickly everything has turned green
Needing: a haircut
Smelling: the farm ground that is being worked and planted
Wearing: my new Michael Kors turquoise and gold watch
Following: God’s plan…well hopefully I am
Noticing: I have too many denim and white shirts hanging in my closet
Knowing: I am blessed beyond measure
Thinking: I need a new layout/theme for this blog
Bookmarking: articles I see in my twitter feed, but I rarely go back and read them
Opening: a new door or window hopefully soon
Giggling: during all the episodes of The Office I have been rewatching
Feeling: just dandy

I got this idea from a blog I started following recently, A Pretty Penny, go check it out!


5 thoughts on “Summing It Up:

  1. I like this blog idea! Well done!
    “Loving: how these words are making me stop, sit back and think about myself” – I think this is one of the best things about blogging. I love seeing my thoughts in print. I think better on paper.

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