Dallas by Morning

Today my best friend is spreading her wings and moving to Dallas for a summer internship.


I am beyond proud of her for taking this opportunity and doing something that she is passionate about. I also admire her bravery for leaving her home and every thing that she knows. I wish I had the same guts to do something like this. Hopefully I learn from her and spread my own wings one day.

I will miss her tremendously, but knowing that she is doing exactly what God has planned for her has comforted me. Of course I have hounded her on all the details about where she will be living, who she will be working with and how she will be getting from place to place. My best friend needs to be safe and in good company! I worry about her too much, we both know this, but someone has to!

This isn’t the first or second time she has moved away from me. Our friendship has definitely been tested by distance. She moved to Florida in 5th grade, but then moved back in 8th grade. After high school graduation rolled around, she decided to go down south again and attend a school in Florida. Both times were hard to be away from her.

I remember each time we were united, we kept repeating, “You’re here in real life!” Every reunion was more rememberable and special than the last and we just kept adding more chapters to our story.

I am so happy and excited for this new chapter of yours Kendra! Of course I will be making an appreance in it and will come visit you. Hopefully my trip will include a George Strait concert or meeting a rich oil man, but we’ll just have to see what happens!

You are so brave and I admire the woman that you are today. I am extremely lucky and proud to call you my best friend. Safe travels Kendra Shane! Love you!




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