Hang on

“When the road looks rough ahead, remember the man upstairs and the word hope.  Hang on to both and tough it out.” 

— John Wayne

If you know me well at all than you know John Wayne is one of my all time favorite people. I guess I have my Dad to thank for that! These words not only come from a Hollywood legend, but from a man who experienced rough times just like everyone.

These are definitely rough times and I have no doubt that there will be more to come. So during this drought and the rough times ahead I am going to continue to remember the man upstairs and have hope for my future and the future of agriculture. To sum it up, I’m going to tough it out!


2 thoughts on “Hang on

  1. Great job, your faith is amazing. We are right beside you and will endure this rough road together. God’s plan is not always known to us, but, I pray something good comes from it all. As I wrote that, it came to me, that YOU are something good!!

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