I have passion and I know it

“Have passion finding your passion.”

                                                                          -Katie Thomas

I love seeing people show their passion and I love that these boys’ passion is agriculture. They definitely have passion for their crops and livestock and that  has led them to find their passion for agriculture. I also love the fact that they are brothers and I hope that they stay in the industry and make farming a passionate family tradition.

My passion is also agriculture. I love giving people the facts about agriculture. I believe that it is extremely important for the everyday consumer to know the facts about where their food, fiber, and fuel comes from. I also want consumers to know about the farm and ranch families that make it all possible. I guess that’s where the  teacher in me comes into play. I think of my self as an advocate for agriculture also known as an “Agvocate.” To sum it up I support and love agriculture because it is my passion.

What is your passion?


5 thoughts on “I have passion and I know it

  1. Great post! Passion is important in nothing we want to matter. My passion – like yours! – is agriculture and also telling the story of American Ag through photographs and creative writing. It is how I express myself best!

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