Time to break out your rain dance

This is the longest stretch of dry weather Indiana has had in 104 years. What does this mean for the corn crop? It is in stress…a lot of stress. And as my Dad would have said, “That’s just part of it.”

Here is a great video to watch and learn what exactly the corn crop is doing during this drought.

I believe it is time for us all to break out into our rain dances! Please continue to keep farm families in your thoughts and prayers!


4 thoughts on “Time to break out your rain dance

  1. I heard further west that some places are turning into a dustbowl like the 1930’s, not good at all. I lived in South Bend for 12 years, and I can only imagine what the lack of rain is doing there.

    Meantime here in the UK it’s coming down in buckets, in fact we had the wettest June in over 150 years, and a week ago my home town recorded this as the 12th wettest summer since records began in the 1870’s – it’s not even halfway through summer yet…

    Hoping you get some rain soon.

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