What can you do?

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

— John R. Wooden

I was on Pinterest last night and came across this video…

Of course I laughed. I laughed a lot! But then I thought, “Well hey! I probably couldn’t do that at her age either!” I bet she is extremely talented at something else. Maybe drawing or playing the piano or telling stories. Just because you are not good at something right away does not mean that you aren’t an expert in another field. As a future educator I am learning how to notice and use a student’s strengths in the classroom and not to focus on their weaknesses. I need to see what the child can do and help them use that to be successful in their education.

For me, I cannot cook. Maybe I just don’t do it enough to like it, so I get creative in other ways. I know I can write, sew, teach and do all kinds of other things. I know what I am capable of and I sure do not let the fact that I can’t cook well keep me down! To sum it up, if you can’t do it right away or not at all don’t let that something keep you down and interfere with something that you can do.

Happy Wednesday! What’s something you can do?


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