A true love story…

“A true love story never ends.”

On this day in 1981 my parents added a huge milestone to their love story.  Even though my Dad is not here in person, it is still an important date and it should be celebrated because it’s a great story.

Their love story will never end.  You see it when you look at my sister, Katie and I.  You can see it when you walk through the front door of the home they built together.  It’s there on the farm when you look around and see the legacy my Dad built and the job my Mom now does to keep that legacy alive.  You can see it when you look at her.  She is the woman she is today because of their story.  She continues to show those of us on earth what love is just as I know those in heaven have the pleasure of seeing it when they look at my Dad.  So yes, I agree, a TRUE love story never ends.  They will be together again someday and then one day we can all see that true love story in heaven above.

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad.  To sum it up, thank you for giving me the best example of a true love story.


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