Photo Friday: March is Ag Appreciation Month in Indiana

Today is the first day of March. It seems 2013 is fading away too quickly!! March has been declared Agriculture Appreciation Month in Indiana. March is a very appropriate month to appreciate all those in the Ag industry. At this time farmers are busy preparing to begin the new planting season. There are also many newborns that are joining farm families. Farmers are working hard to make sure these new little ones have everything they need to survive this crazy Indiana weather. Personally, I think every month is Ag Appreciation Month. Farmers never have a month or day off from their job. Their job that consists of providing you and me with the most affordable and abundant food, fuel, and fiber that we cannot live without. So, to sum it up, appreciate farmers every single day.


Be sure to visit Sarah Sums It Up this month as I give tributes to the American Farmer and share my story of why I am Agriculture Proud.


2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: March is Ag Appreciation Month in Indiana

  1. Great post. The average consumer has no idea where their food, fiber, and fuel comes from. If they did, maybe they would “Thank a Farmer”. Continue advocating for the American Farmer!

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