How To…


My first graders have been working on writing “How To’s” in class. They are learning how to write with details and use words that describe time and events (i.e. First, Then, After, Next, Finally). I have seen “How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.” “How to Shoot a Basketball.” So far my favorite is, “How to Write a Book.” The little girl asked me to help her come up three steps to describe how to write a book. So, I asked her, “What does an author need to decide on before he puts words on paper?” She told me that they need to find something to write about. Then I said, “Yes! They need a topic. What do you think they need to do after they have their topic?” She said they have to have some characters. Again I told her yes and asked, “What do you think authors do once they have their characters picked out?” She told me then they can write a story.

I love that she chose “How to Write a Book.” I hope that one day she uses her own “How To” and writes a book with her own story to tell. That’s why writers write. They see something and want to share their own story. A story that no one else can write but them. My goal later in life is to become a children’s book author because I see something that no one else does and I can’t wait to tell my story and share it with all of you.

Happy Wednesday! Do you have a story to tell?


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