Photo Friday: Friendships That Last


Today’s Photo Friday goes out to two of my oldest and dearest friends, Meghan and Kendra. I have known these ladies for more than half my life. I love that we can go days, weeks, or months without seeing each other and be reunited and act like we see each other every day. People are always surprised when I tell them that my best friends have been the same ones since preschool. They say that those school friendships never last. Well, I beg to differ. From preschool days, church camps, playing school in my basement, playing taxi with the Gator, long summer days at the Maxwell pool, Kendra moving to Florida and then back home, awkward middle school days, high school, going to different colleges, natural disasters, deaths in families, weddings, and laughing non stop with and at each other we have remained great friends. I cannot imagine my life without them and I know I’ll never have to. I believe that friends are the most important thing in a young person’s life. We are all going through this crazy thing called life together. On the road to college graduation, making those big decisions about future careers, experiencing love and life together. I can’t think of two better people to continue on this life adventure with than my two oldest friends.


Kendra, myself, and Meghan last Saturday at Meghan’s sister, Leslie’s wedding.


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