“Boots” by Sarah Thomas

Tall boots,
Short boots,
Red boots,
Cute boots.


Boots to wear in the rain.
Some boots cause pain.
Boots that you can walk in
And boots to go Honky Tonkin’.


Boots for all occasions.
It won’t take that much persuasion,
To purchase a pair of boots
That could take you back to your roots.


I wrote this poem for class as part of my class’s poetry study. I chose a subject that I love, boots. All my classmates know how much I love them and how excited I was for fall so I could wear boots everyday. If I’ve got on a pair of good boots I am one happy gal! To sum it, don’t be afraid to wear or purchase a pair of boots that can take you back to your roots. Because twenty years from now you’ll be so glad you did!

What are your favorite pair of boots?
I think these are mine…



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