Father’s Day: A day to remember him

It’s Father’s day and simply put, everyone should take the time to thank their Fathers for everything they do because one day they won’t be around for you to thank anymore.

If you personally know me than you know that the opportunity for me to thank my Father in person is gone because he is no longer on this earth with me. But today isn’t any different. It’s just another day that he isn’t here.

He’s always looked after me. Now he does it from a higher view.

He sure as hell would not want me sitting around crying and feeling sorry for myself. So to honor my Pops (that’s what I called him) I will live out today and remember the advice he always told me.

Pops’s Life Advice:

1. There’s no burin’ daylight!

2. If you can’t take a piss in your own backyard than your neighbors are too close.

3. Suck it up! But if you feel poorly drink a Hot Toddy.

4. If you’re ever given the opportunity to buy some land, buy it! There will never be anymore!

5. Just don’t be stupid!

And I will continue to cherish all the memories I had with him and life lessons he taught me.

He was my first dancing partner.

He taught me how to eat Oeros.

He taught me to stand up tall and be proud of who I am and where I come from.

He gave me the best example of how a life should be lived. To sum it up, thanks Pops.


6 thoughts on “Father’s Day: A day to remember him

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