Photo Friday: So God Made a Farmer

The Dodge Ram Super Bowl commercial, So God Made a Farmer has been all the buzz on Ag blogs everywhere. I remember seeing the black baldie in the opening scene of the commercial and thinking, “Oh no HSUS or PETA have a commercial tonight!” Then two words entered the screen, Paul Harvey. Next I thought, “OH MY GOODNESS someone is using So God Made a Farmer.” The pictures that followed brought me to tears as I listened to the words of Paul Harvey’s poem.

After the commercial was over I quickly tweeted, “Best commercial ever! #godmadeafarmer #dodge #ThankAFarmer”

All the Ag tweeps (twitter people) I follow had the same reaction as I. Here are some of my favorite tweets from Sunday night.






After reading Heather and Sheridan’s tweets I got pretty emotional and wished my Dad could have seen the commercial.


Clark’s tweet was my all time favorite of the night.


I absolutely loved that this commercial was played during the Super Bowl, one of the most watched televison events. Farmers were represented in a positive way and those who were tuned in Sunday night got the chance to see it.


Listed below are some blog posts about the commercial. I love how passionate these bloggers are in telling the story of agriculture.

Agriculture Proud

A Thousand Words

Rural Gone Urban

BEEF Daily

Pinke Post

To sum it up, So God Made a Farmer for you and for me and I tip my hat to Dodge for shinning a light on them. But the real people I want to thank are farmers. Thank you for being God’s chosen caretakers.


2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: So God Made a Farmer

  1. Awesome, God is perfect and he has made some great farmers. He needed your Dad to work the fields in heaven. He is so missed here on earth but imagine his beautiful fields and soil with Jesus.
    We are Dodge owners and are so proud of the tribute to farmers and agriculture.

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