Photo Friday: A Dying Art


Last night I worked on signing, addressing, and stamping my Christmas cards. Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about Christmas for a few reasons:

1.) They are a great way to give AND receive the Christmas spirit

2.) They are so personal

3.) I love the cards with pictures. Especially the cards with family and friends’ little ones on them (I don’t love how old they make me feel when I realize how fast those little ones are growing up).

I hope people continue to send Christmas cards. To put it simply, sending and receiving cards of any kind, letters, postcards, invitations is a dying art. More people use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to send their messages to others. I love social media I do, but I also love sending and receiving snail mail. I’m that girl that put stationary on her Christmas wish list, if that gives you any idea just how much I love the art of letter writing. My grandmother went to Hallmark to get me some for Christmas. When she asked the sales person, the woman replied, “We don’t have many choices for stationary. It’s a dying art.” The woman at HALLMARK, a card making company said that!! Call me old fashioned, say I’m an old soul, call me crazy, I don’t care, I will always send snail mail! It’s so personal and lovely. I just hope more people out there love it the way I do.

Most of my generation does not understand the importance of writing and sending a hand written letter. I’m sure many do not send thank you letters after job interviews. I know for a fact that many do not understand how to send a RSVP (I am guilty of this at times). My generation has gotten lazy. They think sending a text or email will get the job done. For me, those forms of communication do not even come close to a hand written letter. You better believe I will teach letter writing in whatever classroom setting I’ll be teaching in in the future!

I have a friend who feels the same way I do about this lost art. You can read her blogpost about the matter here.

To sum it up, please continue to send your Christmas cards, birthday cards, letters of congratulations, wedding and party invites, or just a simple note to your friends. The receiver will greatly appreciate them, I am sure of it!



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