“Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.”

— C. S. Lewis

I am in the middle of my first semester of student teaching, and boy is it an experience!! An experience that is stressful, fun, exciting, overwhelming, long, and educational. An experience that I am so greatful to have at a great school and with students that I truly enjoy. I am learning how I want to set up my own classroom, what kind of classroom management I like best, strategies for teaching and much more. I will definitely be walking into my future career with experience.

Sure I have some rough, long days. I believe everyone has those days. Experiences can be good and bad. They are never perfect. If they were then you wouldn’t be challenged, you wouldn’t learn anything. You wouldn’t gain experience to help you down the road. I’m not hoping for a perfect student teaching experience. I just hope for one that I can learn from.


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