Photo Friday: Young Farmers

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Obrecht

What is one thing all of these people have in common? A passion for agriculture! Wednesday night Marion County Farm Bureau Young Farmers held a social at Stoneycreek Farm in Noblesville, Indiana. We roasted hot dogs, made s’mores, went on a hay ride and enjoyed each other’s company on a perfect fall night. We also got to meet Loren Schmierer, the owner of Stonycreek Farm. Mr. Schmierer grew up on a farm in California. He worked for Elanco until 1978 when he decided he wanted to farm full time, “I wanted to come back to my roots and was tired of standing on my feet at cocktail parties because I am flat footed.” I loved listening to him tell his story and love for agriculture. It’s important for younger generations to hear these inspiring stories. Mr. Schmierer answered our questions about agritourism and how to connect to consumers. As a group of young professionals in the ag industry or with an interest in ag it was great to hear about Stonycreek Farm’s success.

If you would like to visit or learn more about Stonycreek Farm visit their website here.

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