A Teacher

There’s a certain gal around these parts that might have been called that Queen of Hearts.

She’s always helpful in every way. Especially when there are bills to pay.

We are happy to know she’s on the procession and made up her mind to join a great profession. 

We know she’ll be happy and enjoy her work. As a teacher she never a duty will shirk.

The pay isn’t much. The bonus is none. But my what a feeling when each day is done.

To see each child grow from day to day is worth far more than compensation or pay. 

Remember you don’t teach math, music or art. You teach each child to better-live his part.

You may be a queen and God’s chosen Creature but it’s better by far to be called “A Teacher.” 

— Foster Thomas, a teacher

Today’s words come from my great grandfather, Foster Thomas, also known as Pap. He was a teacher for 47 years. He also liked to write poetry. This poem comes from his collection, “From Kreation to Kingdom Kome.” He wrote poems for his colleagues that retired or about teacher meetings and report cards. He was a great man and writer but most importantly he was a teacher.

Tomorrow I start my student teaching! I am “on the procession” to joining “a great profession.”  I will be teaching 6th grade at The Center for Inquiry Indianapolis Public School #84. I am nervous and excited to start this next chapter in my life.

Just as Pap wrote, I look forward to becoming a teacher so I can “teach each child to better-live his part.”


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