Thank Moo…

This is a picture of the best handmade “thank you” card I have ever received. It was made and given to me by a fifth grade student I worked with last year. I wrote and gave “Gus” a thank you card during our last meeting. He decided he wanted to make me one saying, “Miss Thomas I want to make you a thank you card.” So I got out paper and markers for him to do so. As he wrote “Thank you” on the card I heard him say, “shoot I didn’t mean to write that.” When I asked him what he wanted to write instead he said, “I wanted to write Thank Moo because you like cows.” So he flipped the paper over and wrote “Thank Moo”…because I like cows.

Inside the card he wrote, “You are going to be a great teacher.” I knew there was a special reason I wanted to be a teacher. I hope I was able to teach him a little about agriculture and that he will always remember that teacher that liked cows. He was a joy to work with. So to sum it up, thank moo Gus.


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